My preferred genre to write is Historical Fiction, with ef-

forts to illuminate the otherwise forgotten LGBTQ figures

that made history for other reasons: Lewis Ginter, Grace

Arents, James Buchanan, Baron Von Steuben, and more.

I waited until I hit middle age before I started writing seri-

ously. I have been an accomplished photographer since

high school, and I am known throughout Richmond as

“Cookie John” for my baking prowess.

I am happily married to the man I met in 1986. We have

never been apart since our first date.

I grew up in Virginia. My dad was in the Army, but he had

nearly retired by the time I came along. Other than my

own stint in the US Navy, I have always considered Virginia

my home.

I am an IT Geek: nerdy, introverted, fascinated by technol-

ogy, and easily distracted by the next shiny thing that

catches my eye.

#Cookie John